Sean Daudelin

Playing since 1992, Sean Daudelin has been a prominent drummer in the scene in various musical acts, most notably Three Points of Madness and The Grey Curtain. Sean has also been a session drummer, competed in various drum competitions and built his own recording studio.

You can keep to to date with the latest from Sean by following him on twitter or checking out his youtube channel.


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  • More form Waves (Sat July 4, 2015) - The Waves API Collection and the Eddie Kramer Guitar Channel have been added to the studio. Head over the Studio page for the full list of gear and plug-ins.
  • More studio updates (Thu May 28, 2015) - More studio gear has been added, including the A Designs Pacifica, Beyerdynamic M 201 TG, and the UAD Ampex ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder. Head over the Studio page for the full list.
  • Sean now a member of The Grey Curtain (Thu May 28, 2015) - Sean is now a member of the Grey Curtain. Head over to the new page to see more.
  • Studio Update: API 3124+ (Sat Dec 6, 2014) - Sean has added the API 3124+ to his studio in preparation of recording fellow band "The Grey Curtain". Head over to the studio page to check out the full list of gear.
  • Three Points of Madness (Sun Nov 2, 2014) - Now that Sean is the official drummer for Three points of madness, we've put together a page to highlight their shows and music. Check it out here.