In the eighth grade, Sean started a jam band named Liquid. The other two members consisted of Shawn Meade on electric guitar and Adam Mulhurne on electric and acoustic guitar. After a few years together, Adam seemed to lose interest in the band and peacefully left the band.

The following year Sean and Shawn planned on playing in the school's Battle of the Bands as a two man group. With only 4 days until the show, Sean was approached by Checho Goemes and Chris Nespola who had recently lost their bass player and drummer and hoped to play with Sean and Shawn. As this other band was called Butane the new unified band was entitled Liquid Butane. The group ended up playing "One" by Metallica, a song from Jethro Tull, and the Star Spangled Banner. Soon after the show Checho departed from the band. Liquid played their next show at the High School were they performed Adicus (an original), King Nothing, and a Jimi Hendrix song.


  • Internal Realm
  • Annoying Neighbors
  • Grown
  • Moon Bubbles
  • Solo Song
  • Space
  • Adicus