Mad Hatter

A few months after Checho left Liquid, the remaining members (Sean Daudelin, Chris Nespola, Shawn Meade) were looking to fill out their ranks. Unfortunately during this process the band suffered another loss when Shawn Meade decided to leave.

After temporarily working with Jason Lofty, the band met up with Wil Taplin who immediately became a permanent member. Shortly after this, Jim Miller was added to the lineup on vocals. This new lineup (Sean, Chris, Wil and Jim) officially renamed the band as "Mad Hatter".

After performing a couple of shows the band was ready to record. They reached out to their friend Glenn Kuczer (drummer: A Breed Apart) and recorded a 4 track demo in his studio.

Unfortunately after the recording of the demo disagreement began over the future musical direction of the band. Wil was interested in the band taking on more of a punk style. The other three however, were getting into progressive metal at this time; Jim even had purchased a keyboard so that the band could cover some Dream Theater songs. By the time the band had its next gig Wil had left the band and Bill Blanchard was brought in as the new bassist.


  • The Social Plague Upon Society
  • Walk on the Wild Side
  • Dead Sea
  • Beachside Breakup


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