Shortly after Bill Blanchard joined Sean Daudelin, Jim Miller and Chris Nespola as Mad Hatter's new bass player, the group renamed themselves to Epicenter. Martin Montoya then joined the group as a second guitarist for two shows. After Martin left he was replaced by Eric Syverson who left after one show for an opportunity with another band.

Again as a four member group, Epicenter reached out to Glenn Kuczer (drummer: A Breed Apart) to record their demo which featured a drum solo, keyboard solo, Dead Sea, End of Me, My World, Candle of Wax, and a live cover of Peruvian Skies.

Once the demo was completed, the band's next show was Bill's farewell show as he was leaving for college. Replacing Bill on the bass guitar was Rob Miller. After a few shows, Eric rejoined the group and played the Wrentham show with them. After this show, tensions in the group began to mount within the band with Eric and Chris on one side, Jim and Rob on the other. The inevitable breakup of Epicenter occurred after the February Break show. Sean, Rob and Jim played with Mr. Gary that summer at the Shell in Milford. The following summer (summer of 2001), Epicenter had a short reunion in which they rewrote the intro to their song "My World".


  • Plague
    Brought over from Mad Hatter
  • Dead Sea
    Brought over from Mad Hatter
  • End of Me
  • Candle of Wax
  • Lights out New York
  • My World